Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Lion sleeps tonight.

I stood on the African veldt with the King of the Beasts staring at the elusive Zebras just ahead. The slightest movement would give me away. I had to remain perfectly still...

That's what it felt like as I sat in my comfortable car exploring Lion Country Safari near West Palm Beach in Florida. This wonderful attraction was created in 1967 as the first drive-through animal preserve and it's still a delight.

The experience is really in two main parts. You begin with the drive-through safari where animals large and small often stand right next to your vehicle. I was amazed at the size and power of the rhino's, who took little notice of me. The best part is that you can tour at your own pace with room to pull over and allow others to pass you. This way you can gawk at the lions for as long as you want.

The second part of the adventure has you parking and walking for more animal displays and demonstrations and a terrific giraffe feeding. I met the oldest giraffe in captivity! (26 years) They also have the largest Zebra herd outside of Africa and the largest Southern White Rhino herd in North America. This part of the park reminds me of the county fair or going to a carnival. Games, rides and food are plentiful. They even have a ferris wheel. A KOA campground was created in the 1980's so you can wake to the sounds of the jungle. What an adventure!

Suddenly, the Zebra raised it's head and I knew the chase was on.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle. The Lion sleeps tonight.

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