Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Up, up and away

First hot-air balloon ride ever and it won't be my last. Blue Water and Orange Blossom Balloons have merged and created a stupendous experience in Orlando, Florida.

Alright. I was a little concerned when they told me to meet them one hour before sunrise. Turns out they have an ideal two hour window for flying before the thermals start pushing the balloons around. So we arrive at 6 am. Brief intro and off in the van to the launch site. What a sight it was!
Ten Balloons filling up and rising to the sky as the sun broke the horizon.

We rose gently on the wind and floated above the earth like feathers. An amazing hour later, we touched down softly in a field with the field crew greeting us with a champagne toast before we made the short drive back to the hotel and a hearty breakfast. Whew! What a rush. I'll be back.

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