Thursday, April 05, 2007

Meet me at the Empire State Building

King Kong move over. Dangling 1050 feet above New York City at the top of the Empire State Building, I was King of the World. Astonishing views in every direction. Even though the thermometer was hovering around 6 degrees during my visit, I couldn't feel the cold...much.
The ESB is such a New York City Icon that you must visit. Pick your times because it does get crowded. Since they are open from 8am until 2am, you have many choices but some of the least crowded times are 8am and between 3-5pm. Eveyone goes through security so be prepared. You can bypass the ticket line with advanced purchase but you will have to wait as needed. For an additional $15 you can visit the smaller enclosed 102 Floor observatory (tickets only on site) and gift shops and food are available upstairs.
Despite the cattle call feel at certain points, the experience is terrific and exciting. Bring a good camera and say hello to Kong for me! (If you like the view from above try the Top of the Rock , too.

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