Thursday, July 19, 2007

Long Live the Queen

The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California is huge. Over 1000 feet with more than 2,000 portholes! The anchor chain alone weighs 45 tons and fuel economy. Howsa bout 13 feet to the gallon...

But this attraction is so much more than a ship's tour. You can do a guided or self-guided tour of the ship filled with old photos and artifacts from days gone by when royalty and celebrity stood on these decks but the cool thing is how parts of the ship have been converted. You can even spend the night.

A hotel with 365 original staterooms is available complete with spa, five restaurants, shops and banquet facilities. Events are constant from music and concerts to dinner with Psychic Peter James and The Rocky Horror Picture Show featuring a live local cast.

One of my favorite activities is the Ghosts and Legends Haunted tour. Our group explored deep into the bowels of the ship in areas not open to the public where historic tales were spun and special effects brought the many reported hauntings to life. Good stuff.

You can spend a lot of time at the Queen Mary exploring the many options. But don't get lost...some of the long-term residents aboard the ship you don't want to meet.

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