Thursday, November 30, 2006

Titanic enjoyment

Titanic: The Experience, formerly located in The Mercado on International Drive (*update: This attraction is moving and will announce a location soon.*) in Orlando Florida is one of my favorite attractions. They blend authentic objects from the ship with theatrical sets and costumed actors that bring the story alive.

It begins with your ticket. Printed there is the name of a passenger from the Titanic, who you represent during the passage. Your guide is another passenger from the historic ship and you experience the story from construction of the unsinkable vessel to the point where you discover whether the passenger you represent on your ticket survived the journey or not. This is a powerful moment near the end after you have seen and heard the details of this terrible tragedy in 1912. Titanic: The Experience calls itself the first permanent exhibit of this compelling event. It is much more than an exhibit. It stirs up emotions and curiousity in almost anyone who experiences this wonderful attraction in Orlando. Don't miss it!

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