Saturday, December 30, 2006

All Natural

Sue is the most complete T-Rex skeleton ever found and you can see her at The Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois. But Sue is only the beginning.
The Field Museum was created to house the collections from the 1893 Columbian Exposition and includes over 20 million specimens today.
My first impression was one of walking into the ultimate taxidermy display. Poised lions, antelope and water buffalo stared back at me like a static zoo. The obvious advantage to seeing these animals presented in this way is the detail. You can stand and notice every ripple of the Rhino's skin, since they are not moving. They also had skeletal displays of many animals. A full-sized Walrus skeleton will stop you in your tracks! I was also lucky enough during my visit to enjoy the Tutankhamun traveling exhibit, which was spectacular. The quality and preservation of objects 5,000 years old is awe-inspiring. Being able to study and understand the natural world around us is a great gift and The Field Museum delivers on every level.

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