Sunday, December 31, 2006

I can see your house from up here.

I'm not prone to nosebleeds so the zippy elevator that whisked us to the top of the John Hancock Observatory in Chicago, Illinois didn't bother me as much as some folks. I will admit that I felt like we we being launched instead of transported to the 94th floor but when the doors opened the view made it all worthwhile. 1,000 feet above Chicago with views in all directions but it got even better with "Skywalk". This section of the observatory was open air. Just screened in so you could feel the wind on your face and hear the sounds of the city from below. Not for the faint of heart. I was surprised at how much room there is to walk around up there and they even identify the surrounding buildings for you. On a clear day they say you can see 80 miles and four states. Since the Hancock Observatory is right at the magnificent mile, it's a natural to visit before or after some shopping and great food. Aah Chicago!

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