Saturday, December 30, 2006


When I was a kid watching the "Aquaman" cartoon, I dreamed of being able to summon the denizens of the deep to do my bidding, just like him. Experiments at the beach during family vacations proved ineffective. No dolphins rallied to my side despite my deep concentration. Never the less, I developed a strong connection with the Sea and it's creatures when Jacques Cousteau began sharing his adventures on film. I've been a big fan of Aquariums ever since.
The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois was the largest of it's kind when it opened in 1930. Millions of gallons of saltwater were transported from Florida for the exhibits. From the beginning, this aqurium was a huge hit. Today, it is a wonderful adventure.
The Pacific white-sided dolphins in the Oceanarium were a highlight for me. Watching them jump and swim was mesmerizing! The Oceanarium Amphitheater has a spectacular view of Lake Michigan during the shows, which are well presented. What I like most about Shedd is the way it's designed to encourage you to explore. Multi-levels, little nooks and hidden exhibits surprise and delight if you take the time to discover them. When I found myself alone at Secluded Bay with the Beluga Whales, I was tempted to dive in! Of course, you can see sharks and rays, jellyfish and lionfish, piranhas and penguins. A great menagerie of water creatures. So I had to do it. One more time I had to try. I closed my eyes and concentrated with all my might sending out signals to the denizens of the deep. Here of all places it had to work. I stared at the clownfish as it darted in and out of the anemone. I sent out my signal of brotherhood when suddenly it turned to me and went "Bloop".

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