Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"Let the good times roll"

The New Orleans Super City Tour is a great way to start your visit in New Orleans, Louisiana. Starting at the river front near the JAX brewery building, you travel in comfortable shuttle buses and learn the amazing history of the Crescent City.

The cultural influences in this area are enormous from the food to the music to the customs. This tour gives you an insiders view of all that is "Nawlin's" and will have you saying "ayeeeee" in no time! (The focus is not on Katrina for this tour since they have a special tour for that but, of course, it is mentioned.)

I really enjoyed hearing about the history of the city and the many countries that influence every facet. A highlight is stopping at St. Louis cemetery #3 for a quick tour. The elaborate sculptures in this above ground graveyard are striking. We talked about Carnival and Mardi Gras, the best places to eat and the state of the City now. Very nice. After this tour, you can explore the city with confidence.

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