Friday, October 05, 2007

Ghosting in Savannah

Savannah, Georgia is a town I enjoy. History, architecture and creepiness combine with creative, eccentric folks living there for a singular experience. Of course, it rained non-stop.
I was doing a ride-along on our Ghosts and Gravestones in Savannah, which starts at the riverfront and goes to the Sorrel Weed House for the big finish. As always, I had a blast.
The ghost stories are well told and the atmosphere of the Sorrel Weed House is spooky. (Major kudos to Danica for the excellent design and art work of the Voodoo Room.) Everyone contributes so much here and SCAD is a great resource.
Both Savannah and St. Augustine have a natural creepiness similar to New Orleans in my opinion. Maybe it's the spanish moss? Just seems to be a thickness, a heaviness that lingers over them and makes the shadows longer. One of my favorite things is to walk in these towns when they are quiet and dark. Listening, looking and remembering. See you in Savannah.

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somepinkflowers said...

very good posting!

it is the *spanish moss*!


i have always thought
spanish moss was spooky
and use to drape it everywhere
for Halloween

when i was young

and ended up with bug bites!