Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ghosting in St. Augustine

Had the pleasure of a ride-along on our Ghosts and Gravestones in St. Augustine, Florida and was blown away by the Ghost Characters again. Part of my job with Historic Tours of America is reviewing our offerings for quality assurance and I'm usually delighted. Tonight was no exception.
We are graced here with excellent actors from both Flagler College and Pedro Menendez High School. When our ghost host revealed that he was a high school senior I was floored! A very seasoned performance.
Going into The Spanish Military Hospital, The Old Drug Store and the finale at The Old Jail was just spine-tingling. Every character we met in these places was outstanding. Great storytelling.
You never feel alone in this town, even when the streets are empty. Four Hundred and Forty-two years of conflict, high emotion and unfinished business have left their lingering impressions in St. Augustine. As we approach Halloween, the air becomes a little thicker and the unseen voices a little louder. See you at the cemetery...

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