Thursday, November 30, 2006


Who doesn't want to be a pirate? Shivering Timbers and Yo, Ho, Hoing. Well, here's your chance. The Pirates Dinner Show in Orlando might be the most interactive in town. Groups of audience members are invited to join the Show throughout the evening and even the kids get involved. Of course, upgraded packages are sold to insure that you are chosen but often random folks were selected, too. The preshow includes a Pirate Museum and opportunities for face painting and palm readings while you sip a drink and enjoy appetizers. The main show is set up at this time with lots of piratey shenanigans and each section is assigned a color for their pirate in the show. Dinner is served but most folks seem to focus on the Show as the attraction. Once inside the main arena the stage set is impressive and there is lots of swinging from the rigging and acrobatics to tell the tale. No shortage of cheering here and for a while you feel what it's like to bring on the Grog in Orlando.

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