Thursday, November 30, 2006

Arabian Nights, Arabian Days

If you love horses this is a great Show.

Arabians Nights Dinner Show in Orlando, Florida is one of many Themed Dinner Show choices in the area. It seems loosely based on the book 1001 Arabian Nights, with a nod to Alladin. Dinner is provided but most folks focus on the Show as the star of the evening. The Preshow was also very good with displays of talent featuring a belly dancer who brought the kids up on stage and danced out into the audience. Once inside the arena, the energy and excitement is contagious. Lots of opportunities to cheer the heroes and boo the villians. Horse lovers of all ages will appreciate the beauty and majesty of the Arabian Nights Dinner Show. Make sure to arrive early to get the full affect and be prepared to be dazzled in Orlando.

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