Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Take me to the Zoo

The Zoo, like many things in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is America's first Zoo. Forty-two acres of animal delight! They do a great job of blending the old and the new here.
I really loved the old stone zoo buildings and modern exhibits like "Big Cat Falls" will keep you entertained for hours watching the cats explore their environment.
While they have unusual animals like White Tigers and Giant River Otters, they also have more common species in interesting settings like the Flamingos. When I walked around one corner past a large rock, I came face to face with a bear! He looked at me and I looked at him before I realized there was a deep moat between us. After sniffing the air he turned and walked away but I have to admit my heart was pounding.
Those kinds of surprises are common at the Philadelphia Zoo and the grounds are beautiful for strolling or taking a break. Everyone I met was pleasant and took the time to expain the animals to me, which felt like a personal tour. If you enjoy beautiful, historic settings filled with interesting sights, then the Philadelphia Zoo is for you.

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