Thursday, September 27, 2007

Restistance is futile

We resist Change. Change is inevitable. What now?

The buggy whip company and the iceman lose their market. I once read: "How many great railroad companies from the 1800's became great airline companies in the 1900's? Zero. They were too busy trying to promote the railroad at the time."
Surely the airplane is a passing fad?
Change is inevitable.
Great post at Passport to Dreams Old and New about changing at Disney. Sometimes the attractions we love or remember fondly go away and something new takes their place. This is a successful strategy for Disney and others. It keeps things fresh for the guests and allows them to return over and over. It's a blend and a balance of the old and the new. I suspect that the Haunted Mansion will never go away but elements will be refurbished, renewed and improved.
Fear of Loss is much more powerful than Desire for Gain. That is why change is difficult.
Is it time to change something in your world? Let me know.

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