Monday, September 24, 2007

Red Bull Air Race in San Diego

Our SEAL Tour crew at Old Town Trolley in San Diego, California is all a twitter about the Red Bull Air Races this past weekend. Here is a great Youtube video from Between Random Planets showing an earlier practice takeoff from the USS Midway which is now a tourist attraction in San Diego.
The interesting thing for me is how events are becoming more like attractions in some places. The draw is often excellent and folks follow these types of events like concerts by their favorite band. It's an interesting, reborn model for tourism.
My first question would be, does it help the local economy?
Experience from the Superbowl would suggest that not every type of business benefits from big draw events in their community.
Can local repetitive events compete with standing tourist attractions? Are they an enhancement or a distraction?
With so many activities competing for our limited time and attention, perhaps these types of events are the wave of the future for some tourism businesses. Museums have great success with traveling exhibits like Tutankhamun. Then again, Cirque du Soleil reinvented the traveling circus and eventually developed permanent locations. Now they are sending out traveling shows again!
We sure need to be flexible these days don't we? I guess everything old is new again. See you in San Diego.

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