Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pirate Soul

Just came across a Historic Tours of America team visit pic from Pat Croce's Pirate Soul Museum in Key West, Florida. We were previewing it when it first opened and I have been back many times. It sort of combines acting and storytelling like our Shipwreck Historeum and the treasures of Mel Fisher's Maritime Museum with an enhanced, rollicking pirate theme.

Of course, the Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean, clone helps and snappy technologies imagineered inside are great but what I like best is the storytelling and authentic artifacts like the flag in the photo. This is one of only two, known, surviving Jolly Roger pirate flags in the world! In a fairly small space they have an astonishing collection of rare and interesting pirate regalia.

This just might be the museum attraction of the future combining authentic objects with recent technology, good storytelling and solid performance. It really strikes all of the senses. The debate rages on. It is important to preserve our past but I favor showcasing it in the most interesting way possible. (The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois and the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia are good examples.)

I predict with shrinking audiences and increasingly short attention spans that this trend will blossom and morph. "Don't bore me!" is the battle cry from today's guest.

What can you do to be more interesting? Let me know.

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